Alastair Stockman

Alastair Stockman was a Belfast born photographer. Born in 1966, he began taking photographs in 2008 in various locations across Ireland, from Belfast and the Antrim coast to Dublin and Donegal. He imbued each scene with a strong sense of drama creating unique iconic imagery. Alastair's shots did not rely on chance or post-camera production. They were each planned with almost military precision, combining naturally occuring elements and superior in-camera work, to create stunningly beautiful images. "Whether I take a photograph of a landscape or an urban scene, I try to visualise how the resulting image would look in print or on a screen, while trying to avoid the 1970's postcard look" Alastair, 2010. Sadly, on the 3rd December 2011, Alastair lost his 5 year battle with leukaemia.

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