This year we got fully involved in Holywood Culture Night like never before!  ...And possibly bit off more than we could chew!  What can we say...we had a LOT of ideas!


So from booking acts, making flyers, changing flyers, printing banners, making props, setting up, stage managing, and cleaning up...we have been busy since February.

The festival gets bigger every year and it's thanks to the hard work of an entire committee of volunteers; businesses, performers, schools, churches and community members, who give up their time and skills to make it happen.

It was a great event with so much going on, too much to mention, so I'll just tell you a bit about our small part!

The start of the day...


In the early hours of Culture Night itself a group of us started the installation of the Wall of Umbrellas.  Kids from Redburn, Westwinds and Holywood Primary decorated all the umbrellas and Mary Poppins, made by Gail, completed the picture!  The Police Station had never looked so good!


Then me and Ronan set about frantically installing the Fairy Garden, complete with his intricate miniature houses, our hand made toadstools, wooden houses made by the Holywood Men's Shed, and real-life Fairy Jane arrived to set up her fairy tree.


As you can see by these expressions our weird lizard went down particularly well...


We set up our Roald Dahl 100 year anniversary decorations!  All made by our own fair hands!


And our High Witch Alanna started to turn all the little kiddies into mice!


The Puppet show arrived!


As did Prunella the Pink Pixie, the Sea Queen, and all the models from the ACE Modelling Agency (Alternative, Commercial, Equal) to get ready for their Urban Catwalk.

Meanwhile Nicki was running from stage to stage sorting out lighting, extension cables, duct tape, amps, crates, staple guns, signs and whatever else had been forgotten!


The Urban Catwalk also featured a couple of FINE male models!  AKA Jordan, Jack and Josh, who, when they are not shooting their finest 'Blue Steel' pouts, work in Coffee Yard.


And after that crazy day we swept the glitter off our floors, brushed the pavements and returned Holywood to it's former state...and I took a week's holiday to recover!  You can see more from Holywood Culture Night here.

All Catwalk Photos by Debbie Deboo Photography.

All other Photos by Official Holywood Culture Night Photographer Collette Creative.