RonanOur gallery assistant Ronan (affectionately nicknamed Ronie) is a lifelong fan of rebellious fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne was a pioneer of the punk movement in the 70’s- perhaps this is where Ronan found the inspiration for his unique finger-in-plug-socket-style spikey hairdo. At times, working in the fast-paced gallery framing up artwork to order can get quite stressful, and Ronan will often end up covered from head to toe in sellotape- so if you see a mummified member of staff lugging around picture frames, with random objects stuck to him- you know who it is. Other hobbies include organising fashion shows and events, window dressing, and walking on the treadmill at the gym.


GailGail (also goes by Gail Force and Gailers, to name but a few) is the gallery manager, and you will most often see her positioned in the “seat of power” under the stairs, manning the gallery desk. This is where she does all her best business- cutting deals and firing off emails left and right.

In her spare time, Gail enjoys painting, origami, and felting- you may have spotted our afternoon tea display piece- this is Gail’s handiwork, made entirely of felt! Gail is also a keen pug fan, and is excited to move into a new house in a few months, where she will finally be able to buy a real pug of her very own, and name it Doug. Doug the pug. Brilliant!



And now we get to Jim, the gallery owner- where to start?  In contrast to Ronan, Jim’s take on fashion takes a kind of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach. You will recognise his daily uniform of black trousers and a light blue shirt- this uniform works in any environment- formal- check, holiday- check, work, meetings, social, you name it. Jim used to occupy the aforementioned ‘seat of power’ but has since relinquished it to Gail, despite being so proud of buying the seat itself for a mere one pence (he also had to buy approximately seven miles of sellotape to qualify for this fantastic deal.) Whenever he gets a rare break away  from work, Jim enjoys travelling and picking up interesting artworks along the way.