A long, arduous wait is usually reserved for those waiting for winter to pass, waiting eagerly for the first signs of spring to emerge, when people can let their minds wonder about what the summer holidays have in store. There are people, however, that have waited for the summer to end. They’ve waited for the nights to get shorter and the heating to be cranked up as this only means one thing; the return of the Coffee Yard stew. There will be many sad to see the quiche retire into hibernation but the winter is the season for the stew connoisseurs. Whisper it quietly but the beginning of October is when the stew will rise from its slumber again to warm us.

Summer ending also indicates a return to full time education. When Mums and Dads are overjoyed at the fact their children will be back to school and stop finding new and interesting ways to infuriate them beyond belief. Sadly, this means several familiar faces around will be heading back to uni and some will be beginning their uni lives. Uni isn’t all fun and games (just the vast majority of it) when you realise you have to wash your own clothes and three pot noodles a day isn’t considered a ‘balanced diet’. Good luck to all leaving and we hope to see some of you back at Christmas.

Congratulations to Rachel on the birth of baby Aoife and to manager Chris who has further extended the Beattie clan by welcoming Danny into the world. Chris has assured us once Danny can speak he’ll be till trained for Saturdays. Until then, we’d like to welcome Josh and Alanna to the Yard.

Out with the old and in with the new is the theme of this blog and this is certainly true with Jim in the gallery as recently he’s been spotted sporting a fresh new hair cut in preparation for culture night.



The gallery side have all been working hard for culture night and none more so than Ronan who, through several sleepless nights, has managed to fashion a mannequin mermaid. He got some strange looks driving into work with her strapped in beside him but seatbelts are essential whether it’s a human or mannequin mermaid.



I hope you feel more informed about what’s going on in the Yard but I must run as I have to help set up a gazebo for our, now traditional, culture night sausage sizzle.