Roald Dahl Day! 100 Year Birthday Party!

Roald Dahl Day! 100 Year Birthday Party!

13th September 2016 marked 100 years since the birth of the world's greatest storyteller, Roald Dahl...and if that isn't a good excuse for a party we don't know what is!


Nicki (One half of the Yard Power-Duo) had a vision...or perhaps I should say a dream, of a Roald Dahl - inspired Wonderland!  So Ronan, Nicki, Jamie, Ken and I set about making it happen.  Armed with pool noodles, duct tape, modroc, paint, wire, a glue gun, and an education streamed to us via YouTube we began...


Some thought us foolhardy...and indeed, as the gluegun burns and expletives muttered increased (mainly by me I have to admit), I may have agreed with them.  But we kept going and on Tuesday our hard work was unveiled!

img_20160913_110253 Willy Wonka himself made an appearance!  As did the BFG...
img_8488-cropped And we were joined by the kids from St Patrick's Primary School!
img_20160913_111309 And Mr Wonka gave them all treats because they were so great!
img_20160913_111349 Though he did leave the box unguarded...

The glue gun burns were worth it :)  Possibly the best day in the Yard.

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