Hi, how are you? It feels like it’s been ages. I know I promised I’d write to you every month but we’ve been busy!

Things don’t stop in the Yard and this summer has been no different.

This summer has been a classic Northern Irish one; it filled us with false hope at the start, headlines of a heatwave. Surely this was going to be the best summer EVER?! Nope, we got the wettest July on record, yay!

Such weather has meant the staff of Coffee Yard has had to look further afield for the sun. We’ve had ventures from Uganda to Portrush but perhaps the holiday to cause most disturbances was Milos’ trip to Slovakia. Customers would come in bemused and lost that Milos wasn’t there. ‘Where’s Milos?’ ‘When’s he back?’ questions you would hear a hundred times a day. Nevertheless my best Slovakian impression and incredible coffees soon won over the regulars just as Milos returned.

view from Mount DoomWe’d like to welcome back Jamie Smyth who has been in New Zealand for the last six months on an architecture placement. Coffee Yard was never far from Jamie’s mind as, despite being nine foot tall, Jamie did his best Frodo impression and climbed to the top of Mount Doom to take a picture with one of our stickers.

From the gallery, Hannah has gone to Uganda for a month to lead a children’s summer scheme. She has taken a load of stickers with her to emulate Jamie, slowly but surely The Yard is touching all corners of the globe. We wish Hannah the best of luck, it should be an incredible experience so pop round and ask her about it when she’s back.

We were closed on Monday the 13th of July. It was strange being off on a Monday but hopefully you didn’t miss us too much. My Monday the 13th was spent running up and down my stairs a couple of hundred times to get my Coffee Yard fix.

Congratulations to manager James on getting married. You may know James as the manager with the bright trainers and, occasional braces. Not one to follow the crowd and have a traditional wedding, James got married on a boat in the pouring rain. Life jackets were optional but bridesmaid, sister of James and gallery stalwart Gail said it was a great day.

With Hannah and Gail taking time off, Ronan has been Jim’s right hand man. Some say he didn’t eat for three weeks as he was trying to fill the roles of two gallery members. On the bright side, rumour has it Jim and him are now inseparable and Ronan is planning to tag along on Jim and Nicki’s next adventure.

When you go on holiday for a week or two, you come back and there is always something new in the Yard, it could be something on the menu or a time saving device Chris has dreamt up. Nicki has been displaced as the love of Jim’s life by the new impact absorber shelves. Jim is in love as never again will we have prints falling on his head in the heat of a Saturday rush hour.