..as Bob Dylan once sang and there is change in the air at Coffee Yard. From staff members to the menu and the ever changing weather, it is an exciting time in the Yard.

The first change was one of scenery for Jim and Nicki as they left the confines of Holywood, Co Down for a mini European tour to take in the sights of Vienna and Budapest.

Kneeling_Female_in_Orange-Red_DressThey had an amazing time and managed to pick up some artwork for themselves despite being asked to leave several art galleries as Jim was more interested in finding a staircase to sit under than the fine pieces on show. The romance of Vienna was not lost on Jim as he treated Nicki to a rummage through the skips of Vienna in the hunt for packaging to bring home their wares.  (Some very nice Egon Schiele prints are now hanging in Yard Gallery)

Times may be changing but the classics stay the same and when Jim and Nicki had a chance to see 1949 cult classic ‘The Third Man’ they felt they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Our intrepid explorers set off. It wasn’t until 50 seconds into the film that all wasn’t as it seemed as Jim and Nicki had accidently wondered into a showing of new sci-fi remake, Mad Max. All wasn’t lost though as, rumour has it; Nicki has now replaced her Orson Welles posters with that of Hollywood hunk Tom Hardy.

The three sunny days we had at the beginning of May has led to the Yard reintroducing our summer menu. Change can be daunting and it doesn’t come more daunting than waving a teary, temporary goodbye to the stews. This sent shockwaves through the Yard clientèle with rumours of online petitions and organised pickets until the stew was reinstated. However, the new quiche and pizza soon won them over, a close call!

It’s all change with Holywood icon and barista extraordinaire Milos and his partner Helena with the birth of their daughter, Sophia. Milos hasn’t stopped smiling and said he couldn’t wait for her to say her first words so she could be trained up on the till.*

*He may not have said this.

With Joanna and Rachel pregnant there will soon be, like the stew (but with less tears), a temporary goodbye to them but the till of Coffee Yard will never look the same again with the departure of Ciara Campbell. Long term teller and full time scone enthusiast Ciara has worked here for seven years and has decided to leave for a career in Law. We will miss you Ciara and there will always be a raspberry and white chocolate scone with your name on it.

There is an exciting change for Gail who has recently bought her first house. The trouble with buying a home is putting your own style on it and filling the bare walls. Who knows how Yard Gallery and part time artist Gail will do this but we wish her all the best.