Keith Drury

Keith Drury was first noticed in his early twenties by the owner of the Magee Gallery (Ormeau Road) who kindly gave him paintings of international artists from his gallery to study and learn their techniques. However it was some twenty years later, in 2009, when Keith took the step to go professional as an artist. In 2010 Keith was awarded the coveted public commission to create an artwork for Belfast City Hall celebrating the Irish History and heritage of the City. This painting is now on permanent public display at Belfast City Hall. Keith has also been involved in art projects with the renowned international author and film maker Don Mullan and recently through this partnership was asked to create a painting of Péle for presentation to him in Dublin. Keith has also produced a series of paintings as a fund raising exercise for Millvina Dean the last remaining survivor of the Titanic and was the last to interview her in depth. Beyond purely commercial work Keith also creates large scale oil paintings which act as social commentaries and a number of these have appeared on BBC, UTV, The Daily Mail, The Irish Times, The Observer and of course in local media. Commercially, Keith’s Artobiographical work has been bought or commissioned by Architectural companies, PR Companies, prominent restaurants, Business centre’s and Public Government bodies as well as private individuals. Keith’s commercial prints seek to add an air of romance to the ordinary scenes of Belfast and beyond. They aim to capture magical moments, memories and dreams and so, make the perfect wall companion!

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