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Maria McConville

Maria is a Fine Art Graduate from the University of Ulster, Belfast. Trained as a printmaker, she has recently moved into painting and mixed media art. The influence of printmaking can be seen in her paintings, with the process of building up layers, adding, removing and mark making very evident in the final outcomes.
Having built a studio in her garden she had starting painting again with a renewed passion for her practise. “Being an art teacher, sometimes it’s hard to find the time and space, both mentally and physically, to dedicate to your own work. But now that I have it, I just can’t stop!” Her work is inspired by the way rural meets urban landscapes. Belfast is a city that is surrounded by nature, so there are recurring themes and imagery that keep popping up. Organic forms are often juxtaposed alongside manmade like structures. Colour and texture are very important as well as the process of mark making. Each painting is an original and the creation is a very organic process. It can change many times before she’s happy with the outcome. Each viewer seems to have an individual interpretation of what they see which is very interesting for her as an artist.
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