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Stephen Bradley

"The grey wet Northern Ireland weather annoyed the bejaysus out of me for as long as I can remember. It is only in this, my 58th year on this planet, that it has deeply touched my soul . . ." Professional Belfast based advertising photographer Stephen S. T. Bradley has taken advantage of Ireland's inclement weather, by developing a unique Turneresque style of landscape photography he calls Skyscapes (who's praises have been sung by none other than Vogue Italia's photo editor Alessia Glaviano). 
Having lived under the blue skies of Atlanta for just over 6 years, as a freelance photographer for clients including Coca Cola, UPS, Dunlop Sports, and the LA Times (before returning home to Northern Ireland), Stephen had a difficult time acclimatising to Ireland's inclement weather (as in, sun withdrawal symptoms for 14 years!). It was on May 31st 2015 things changed, when Stephen ventured forth in the Northern Irish countryside to try his hand at landscape photography (originally testing his metal with a trusty iPhone3GS, before bringing out his Nikon SLR and going for broke). While he has been back in Northern Ireland for years now, and still hankering for things Atlanta on a weekly basis, Stephen is beginning to settle in and enjoy Ireland once more, and all it has to offer. In particular, the multitude of weather and light variables, and how the smallest change in light can have a dramatic affect on the Irish landscape. "I have gone to the same location on multiple occasions when, on each visit, the light and weather were different, making the scene before me seem new and exciting each time I did so." said Stephen. With advertising agency budgets cut worldwide, Stephen is widening the net by pitching his style of landscape photography at not only advertising agencies, but private art collectors, galleries, museums and interior designers with clients of high net worth who may wish to purchase Stephen's existing Skyscapes, or commission Stephen to shoot images that are bespoke to their requirements. Stephen also believes his Skyscapes photography may be of interest to Irish diaspora of high net worth who would commission Stephen to create photos in his distinctive style of places in Ireland, and further afield, that are close to their hearts.
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