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Veta Gorner

Best known for her inventive etchings, Veta creates images which are vulnerable and strong at the same time. Her main artistic interest is expressive nature of motion and it’s dialogue with space. Her work is concerned with physical structure as well as thought and emotion that move an organism to action. Veta’s original printmaking style merges the art of traditional etching with dimensional qualities of highly embossed paper. She achieves this by carving and deep biting zinc matrix plates from which every impression is hand-printed by the artist herself. A combination of open bite etching (with its almost sculptural effect) and monoprint techniques (adding multiple layers of colour ) create original prints where every impression is unique. 

Textures and lines transferred from an etched zinc plates create images only possible in printmaking. Veta was born in St.Petersburg in 1974, Russia and studied at St.Petersburg State Aristic and Industrial Academy, attaining a degree in Interior Design and Architecture. She currently lives and works from her studio in South London. She studied printmaking at Morley College in 2001 and is a member of the Greenwich Printmakers Association since 2003. "...My recent figurative images do not explore individuality of human bodies; rather my works consider figures as signs or symbols, distilling emotions and feelings to distinctive forms. I am interested in the expressive nature of human motion and its relation to space, where collision of inward and outward shapes create an electrifying borderline energy. ”Veta's work is ongoing exploration of what it means and how it feels like to be alive.
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