Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

This website uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer, smart phone, or tablet when you visit a website. They are used to “remember” when your computer or device accesses this website. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our website and to help you shop with us online. They are also used to tailor the products and services offered and advertised to our customers, both on this website and elsewhere.

Cookies do not hold personal information about you, such as your credit card details, your name or your address. They recognize the individual computer, tablet or mobile phone through a secure token, but not you.

What information is collected?

Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behaviour including information about pages viewed, products purchased and your journey around our website. 

We do not use cookies to collect or record personal information such as your name, address or other contact details. 

What is Yard Gallery using cookies for?

1. For technical purposes which are essential for the effective operation of our website, particularly regarding on-line transactions and site navigation.  Eg To “remember” what goods you have in your basket so that you can securely proceed with the transaction

2. To gather information on browsing, shopping patterns, and monitor the success of marketing campaigns, eg newsletter clicks and interactions.

3. For the online marketing of our products that you may be interested in.

How do I disable cookies?

Most website browsers are set to accept cookies, but if you wish to disable cookies you can change your browser settings to reject them.  Here is how to disable cookies for the most popular browsers:

  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer: Choose the menu “tools” then “Internet Options” and click on the “privacy” tab under "settings". In Internet Explorer 11, you should then select "Advanced". Edit these settings accordingly for your preferences.
  • For Firefox: Choose the menu “Options”, then select “privacy”. Select the relevant options for your cookie preferences under the History section.
  • For Google Chrome: Click the Menu/Tools icon (3 dots) on the toolbar and choose "Settings". Click "Show Advanced Settings" and choose "Content Settings" under the Privacy section. In the "Cookies" section, edit these settings according to your preferences.
  • For Safari: Click "Preferences" then "Privacy". Edit these settings accordingly for your preferences.

What happens if I disable cookies?

If your web browser is set to disable cookies from our website, you will not be able to complete a purchase or take advantage of certain features of our website, such as storing items in your Shopping Cart or receiving personalized recommendations.

As a result, we strongly encourage you to configure your web browser to accept cookies from our website.