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Connor Maguire

Connor completed a foundation studies course at the University of Ulster in Belfast. He then took a year away from his studies in 1997 to travel where he spent a period of time in New York working in the United States. Connor has now been working steadily as a freelance artist specialising in illustration, ceramics, photo restoration and framing. After having his first solo exhibition in the Down Arts Centre in May 2003 he has continued to exhibit taking part in several group shows alongside other artists like Shawcross, Blackshaw, Carol Graham and others.

His work has been praised by other artists and collected by many including famous artist Jim Fitzpatrick who has worked with established musicians like Sinead O Connor, Tori Amos and Ash. "I originally became interested in art at an early age where I would watch my Grandfather sketch and draw out ideas for projects as well as for the mere pleasure of drawing. My Grandfather an accomplished carpenter, designer and watercolorist introduced me to pencil drawing and charcoal. Inspired and hooked seeing what he could accomplish with a pencil and a paintbrush I too attempted to paint as good as he did. Still trying" After achieving all my GCSE exams and then continuing on to university. I am now continuing to practice as an artist and am still progressing and learning as I go along. It is only until recently that I have just discovered the wonders of oils after painting for years in watercolours and gouache. Over the next year I am hoping to concentrate a lot more on portraiture and introducing more figures into the paintings with a more realistic finish. Perhaps working on a larger scale .Who knows. At the moment I am still experimenting with a lot of different things and searching for what works best. I guess I will just wait and see what happens.

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