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Judith Logan

"While I also paint from life when I can, mainly in oils, over the past few years I have been developing a more personal style: a fusion of figurative, naive and at times, abstract, genres where both a narrative and decorative approach are equally important. The landscape is and always has been a strong source of inspiration for my art, while lately, the figure, in particular woman, plays a significant role. My interest in the multiplicity of roles that she embodies, her strengths, weaknesses, fears, joys and sorrows are a constant influence, as is my ever growing love of vintage/retro objects and patterns. 

The wire sculptures start as chaotic jumbles, the skill is to preserve this mess while coaxing it into the form. This aspect appeals to me, very much. I love playing with this balance between order and disorder and it is an element which links the wire technique, my pen and ink work and my work with pigment dyes and bleach. Crows, pen and ink works aim to capture the calm, defiant nature of the crows in contrast with the chaos around or within them. Also interested in the "Flow" state when the mind is totally absorbed in a task, shut off from the world around and the meditive state that occurs when doing a repetitive act that needs little thought.”

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