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Sara Brown

Sara Brown lives on the Shores of Strangford Lough near Portaferry, Co Down, where she has her studio. Since 1982, she has organised and taken part in many exhibitions – both combined and solo. For three of those years she was involved in a collective of local artists including sculptors, potters & print-makers, calling themselves “The Barn Group”. Sara is primarily a landscape painter, taking inspiration directly from the local landscape using soft pastels as her medium. She also enjoys still life. She has been a member of Seacourt Print Workshop since 1995 and has enjoyed experimenting with etching, lino cut, wood cut, collagraph, carborundum and monotype.

She has made many large monotypes using still life as her subject matter. In recent months she has concentrated on making images of Strangford Lough, allowing ink to dry on lithographic plates. Even on a small metal plate there can be the feeling of the expanse of water and sky. Looking over the lough every day I have the desire to create images of the light conditions particular to this beautiful part of Northern Ireland. “The monotype process appeals to me because the plate is a blank canvas to work on and the image emerges from the plate as it is wiped out of a roll up of dense ink. More ink is added and wiped away to make the composition feel 3 dimensional and in sharp focus. The inks have a special quality and texture far removed from any type of paint I have used, and the paper soaks them up readily, leaving a rich, velvety surface. Every intentional or incidental mark is picked up when the inked plate and paper are rolled through the etching press. The plate itself has character with its own accidental scratches, also adding to the atmosphere of the image. “Attending an active print workshop provides an exciting alternative to painting and a valuable opportunity to work with other artists on a regular basis.”
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